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Why Picosure Laser is Trending in Singapore

Do you want to get rid of the blemishes on your face without going under the knife? Are you tired of spending your hard-earned money on skincare products but don’t get the results you so badly desire? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are going to benefit from this article, as it unveils some of the trending blemish removing procedures in Singapore. This procedure is known as Picosure laser. 

The reason why it is trending is simple – it works. This means that, if you sign up for it, your wrinkles, spots, and lines on your face will disappear. Because the procedure is effective, even celebrities from different parts of the world are signing up for it. Whether you are new to the procedure, or you know a few things about it and how it works, you may still have some questions or may not be clear with some aspect of it. Well, if that is the case, then you should read this article carefully, as it shed light on basically everything you need to know about Picosure laser and some reasons why it is popular in Singapore:

The following article by ngjuann discusses why Picosure laser is trending in Singapore. 

Heard of the Fan BingBing Laser? This is it!

China celebrity, Fan Bingbing, is reportedly a big fan of the picosecond laser, which is known for skin rejuvenation, removing tattoos, pigmentation, and acne scars. It’s called the PicoSure Laser and I recently tried it at Halley Medical AestheticsRead more here.

You surely now understand why a lot of celebrities in China, Korea, Singapore, and so on are signing up for it. You also now know why it should never be confused with other laser treatments out there. But do you know what exactly the procedure helps to address? If you don’t, then you should read the next article carefully. 

The following article by Dr. Slew sheds light on what Picosure laser can be used to address.

PicoSure Laser for Pigmentation, Acne Scars, Pores, and Tattoos – What Is The Hype (and Lawsuits) About?

Pico second lasers have been all the rage these past 2 years. Pico second lasers are so named because they emit laser energy at super short pulses, at 1 x 10-12, or 0.000 000 000 001 seconds. Ultra short-pulsed lasers are not new – in the 1980s, Q-Switched (QS) Nd-Yag lasers, such as the Medlite– Read more here.

You are definitely now abreast of some skin conditions like acne scars, pigmentation, and tattoos that the procedure can effectively address. You also now know the science behind it and why it is more than just a pigment laser. Want to learn more about the procedure? If yes, then you are going to benefit from the next article, as it dives even deeper into the subject. 

The following article by Marissa Mir shed light on some intricate details about Picosure lasers that you probably didn’t know. 

Discovery PICO: Say Goodbye to Acne Scars & Unwanted Tattoos with This New Painless Laser Treatment

I may not look like it now, but I was once just another kid in polytechnic who cut her fringe to hide her bad acne (which of course, made it worse). After several years of trying everything to get rid of it — creams, pills, diets, you name it — I guess I’d finally done my time and the acne cleared up. Read more here.

You are surely now familiar with what the procedure entails and what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. See, you don’t need to be worried if the procedure is painful or uncomfortable, because it is not. All you will experience during the procedure is a zapping and tingling sensation.  


The future of Picosure lasers in Singapore is indeed a bright one. Its effectiveness, quick results, and very little down time set it apart from other laser procedures out there. And since it is suitable for all skin types, and doesn’t have any serious side effect, more and more people in Singapore and other parts of the world are signing up for it, including celebrities. 

Over the last couple of years, the procedure has helped countless people improve their looks and remove the blemishes on their skin. Since it worked for them, it is definitely going to work for you. 

Eye Opening Reasons Why Pico Lasers are the Most Effective Treatments for Melasma

Melasma is a visible skin condition that a lot of women in Singapore suffer from. While it has no health implication, most people are bothered by it and have gone to great lengths to try to make theirs less visible. In their quest for clearer skin, they have tried everything from laser treatment and chemical peels to topical creams and so on. What most of them came to see is that, most of these melasma removing products out there aren’t as effective as they promise. 

If you are looking for an effective treatment that can efficiently address your melasma, you are going to benefit from this article, as it unveils one of the leading Melasma treatment in Singapore: the Picosure and Picosecond Lasers. Every day, more and more people are signing up for it because it really works and is suitable for most skin types. 

The following article by Dennis Roberts unveils 3 reasons why Pico Laser is the best treatment for Melasma. 

3 Reasons the Pico Laser is the Best Treatment for Melasma

About 90% of people who experience melasma – a highly visible skin condition that causes patches of dark pigmentation on your face – are women. Dr. Dennis Roberts specializes in all aspects of women’s health care, including aesthetics, which includes treating melasma. Read more here. 

Since you now know some three eye-opening reasons why Pico laser is effective and somewhat better than other products and treatments out there, you may be considering trying it out. Before you do, there are some intricate things you should learn about it. The next article will shed light on basically everything that goes on during the procedure. 

The following article by Elaine Heng will give you a clear picture of what the Pico laser is like. 

Review of Pico Laser at the Clifford Aesthetics

The constant rushing around for work and media events in 2018 had created havoc to my skin, with pigmentation appearing and pimples popping out, leaving blemishes or enlarged pores. I also had a big ‘hole’ or enlarged pore on my nose due to a pimple– Read more here. 

You are definitely now armed with some intricate information about Pico laser treatment that will perhaps exile any doubt you have about it. You also now know that Pico laser is also an effective treatment option for acne and tattoo. The effectiveness of the procedure has definitely caught the attention of celebrities over the years and that’s why more and more of persons are trying it out. 

The following article by Dr. Israr Wong sheds light on some compelling reasons why celebrities in Singapore and other parts of the world are trying out Pico laser. 


PicoSure is a pico laser which is also known as the Fan Bing Bing laser because guess what? Fan Bing Bing was caught by paparazzi trying to sneak into one of the first PicoSure clinics in Taipei to perform this treatment. Read more here.

The reason why Celebrities from different parts of the world are signing up for Pico laser is that it is effective and offers long-lasting results. Even more, it can be used to address a range of skin issues like spots and acne, just to name a few. So, if you are really serious about improving your looks, then you should give this treatment a try. You won’t regret it. 

Final note 

Pico laser is no doubt one of the best treatments for acne scars, pigmentation, melasma, and so on. And because of this, more and more celebrities and regular people in Singapore are signing up for it. One striking thing that sets it apart from other procedures out there is that, it is non-surgical and has zero downtime. Even more, it lasts for 10 to 20 minutes. 

Regardless of how much you know about the procedure, you may have questions, doubts, or may not be clear with how it works. 

Well, if that is the case, then you should visit any of the many aesthetic clinics in Singapore to have your questions answered. They will be more than happy to answer your questions and give an in-depth explanation of what the procedure entails. 

A Definitive Guide to Pico Lasers

To improve the way you look, you may need to go above and beyond in your efforts to get rid of the blemishes on your skin. This may mean everything from having facials and following a skincare routine to using premium quality skincare products. Even if you do all these, there is no assurance that your skin will be flawless. The obvious reason for this is that, most skincare products on the market just aren’t powerful enough to address serious skin issues like acne scar and stimulate collagen production. 

Don’t despair if your effort to have a smooth and flawless skin hasn’t paid off, because there is a new effective procedure that can give you the results that you so badly desire. The name of the procedure is – Picosecond Laser treatment. Want to learn more about it? If yes, you are going to benefits from this article, as it contains basically everything you need to know about it, and some frequently asked questions on it. 

The following article by Dr. Justin Boey is basically a how-to guide to Pico Lasers. 

A Complete Guide to Pico Lasers in Singapore

Pico Toning is a recent buzzword in aesthetic medicine, so it’s no surprise that Pico Lasers in Singapore are one of the most popular treatments nowadays. Patients who see me for pigmentation problems commonly ask me these questions. Read more here.

Now that you know a thing or two about the effectiveness of Pico lasers, as well as some things that set it apart from other procedures out there, you may be excited about the procedure and probably want to try it out. Before you do, there are some important things you must first know. Read the next article to find out more. 

The following article by thefinery discusses why Picosure laser is one of the best tattoo removing procedures right now. 

PICOSURE Tattoo Removal

The Finery leads the tattoo removal industry in Picosure laser experience. With over 25,000 Picosure tattoo removal treatments performed. When you’re ready to have a tattoo removed, you want to make sure the removal is performed by the best in the business. Read more here.

Picosure is no doubt one of the trending tattoo removing procedures in Singapore. One of the reasons why it is becoming more and more popular is that it can effectively break down black, red, green, and blue ink. Even more, it causes less damage to the skin and has a short downtime. 

The following article by theaestheticscentre explains why you need to try Picoway lasers. 

PicoWay Lasers: Here’s why you need to make that switch

When it comes to tackling uneven skin pigmentation, acne scars, and regrettable tattoos, we now have laser options to take care of the problem. Albeit a pricier solution, it attracts many because it is tried and proven to work. Read more here.

Of course, you have the complete freedom to opt for any tattoo and acne scar removing procedures out there, but if you want something that really works, then you should try Picosure lasers. The technology it uses to breaks down pigment and removes blemishes is safe, reliable, and efficient. So, you have basically nothing to worry about. 

Final note 

Pico lasers are taking center stage in the aesthetics space in Singapore. This development has prompted more and more Singaporeans to sign up for it. Most of these people were satisfied with the results of the procedure and attested to the fact that it is effective. 

Of course, there are other laser treatment procedures similar to it, which is also popular, but isn’t as effective. So, if you are really serious about having a smooth and spot-free face, then you should sign up for it as soon as you can. You won’t regret it. 

And remember that the procedure isn’t painful, so you have nothing to worry about.