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Tips to organize a successful business lunch

If you own a business or if you are part of a business, one essential part of managing is conducting meetings with other companies, aspiring business partners, or other clients. These meetings are mostly done in the offices of the company building. However, in order to have a more casual and light atmosphere, some would prefer to have business meetings over lunch outside the office. There are many advantages of having business meetings over lunch rather than just having it in the office. In addition, when you are having a business lunch, there are also some guides or tips to follow to ensure a successful business meeting.

EZCATER will tell us more about it in the article below which focuses on five business lunch etiquette tips for new client meetings.
5 Business Lunch Etiquette Tips for New Client Meetings

Business lunches are usually about one of two things. You want to make a good first impression, or you want to build relationships with clients. When it comes to new clients, a successful business lunch means being prepared, considerate, and entertaining. Business lunches are a great way to entertain your guests outside of the normal routine. When you do, you want to make sure you don’t inadvertently offend someone.

We gathered some tips on how to pull off that perfect client business lunch.

Offer Options

These days, there are many food intolerances or diets to be mindful of. It’s up to businesses to offer options to their lunch guests that ensure everyone will have a good meal. Make sure you have a hearty meatless option, such as soup or a salad with beans or another type of protein. Make sure sides are hearty enough to make up a meal if someone can’t have a sandwich because they are eating gluten free. Read more here.

Those were helpful tips that we need to keep in mind. Since we are having lunch, it is important to be mindful about the choice of food and of course the table etiquettes. We wouldn’t want to leave a bad impression especially for new client meetings. For more tips, let us read Usanetwork’s article below which is about five tips for bringing you’re a-game to a power business lunch.

5 Tips for Bringing Your A-Game to a Power Business Lunch

When the power brokers at Pearson, Specter, Litt need to talk business, they powwow over a no-expense-spared lunch. You may not have an unlimited expense account, but you can wheel and deal like the pros with these simple tips.

Order Smart

Don’t order a huge meal — this is a business lunch, not Las Vegas buffet. Never order food you can’t pronounce, that is difficult to eat, requires a lot of your attention, or squirts, slurps, and makes a mess, e.g.: pastas with sauce, chips and salsa, chili. And skip the salad — you don’t want bits of leaves stuck in your teeth. Don’t make a million special food requests, which sends the message that you’re super high-maintenance — if you’re a low-carb lactose-intolerant vegan with a peanut allergy, choose a restaurant that can easily accommodate you (or do everyone a favor and go out for coffee instead). Read more here.

Those additional tips are really important. One important tip mentioned is that we also have to wear the appropriate attire. Not because the meeting is happening over lunch, doesn’t mean we can wear whatever clothes we want. In addition, Deborah Goldstein will give us three high-impact tips for conducting business over lunch.

Table Talk: Three High-Impact Tips for Conducting Business over Lunch

During my 25 years in the restaurant business, I was quietly schooled by savvy business diners as I observed them conducting mealtime conversations. Sadly, I also witnessed the fruitless side of such interactions. Often, these diners got sidetracked by sports talk, kids and TV shows, and wrapped up their meetings without advancing business with each other. It’s a common waste of valuable facetime. And when you consider the hours devoted to occasions like lunching with network connections, mandatory team dinners, and interviews over lunch, company holiday festivities, and client or prospect meals, it makes sense to start better utilizing the restaurant setting to maximize the business-related outcome of these gatherings.

Not only are business meals “givens” in a professional’s career; they are differentiators. An article in Fortune resonates in this department by outlining five crucial performance metrics to multiply leadership impact exponentially. The article’s second metric addresses the number of meals you should spend sharing with influencers weekly. The author is spot-on when he suggests, “Your most important job as a leader is nurturing relationships with the people who have the most power to make or break your business.” Read more here.

Great! The tips mentioned above summarizes what we need. Having meetings outside of the office means that we have a different environment to adjust to. Since a business lunch is a good choice for business meetings, we have to be mindful of the basics. We have to have a good choice with regards to the food to order. We have to have table manners. It is one of the most important. Of course, we should not forget about the main goal which is to have a meeting about certain important matters. We still have to focus on the goal. It is fine to be casual, but being formal is better.

Why should you learn to play jazz?


You should learn to play jazz as it frees your spirit and soul. Jazz is one of the most effective and progressive ways of expression true emotions. Through the years, each and every jazz musician has conveyed their ideologies, point of view and ambitions. To get to their height of stardom, they have experienced rejection, unfair treatment, fears, doubts, challenges, and struggles. By jazz, they have demonstrated all these pitfalls in the most delicate and enchanting way. Jazz standards can be understood as musical compositions that are an important part of the musical repertoire. Various artists and composers from different genres of music have contributed to the jazz standards.

1)    Stepping stone

Playing jazz equips you with the study of jazz standards which can be used for any genre of music. That includes folk, classical, metal, blues, rock, RnB, hip hop, even solo singers, and songwriters. As a beginner, original compositions are most common that inspire one to take up jazz. By sharpening your skills and talents with thousands of jazz standards, you have an upper hand at composing your own tune which captivates your audience.

2)    Know-how

When you master the jazz standards, you improve your understanding of the music of your own genre. Due to the better awareness of your own genre, you excel in your primary style. You can bring fresh tunes and compositions with engaging your audience with ease.  Learning standards then leads to educating yourself in the harmony. The knowledge of chords through jazz will provide the ability to play any other sort of music. This provides a strong backbone for music as well as the lyrics as it is logical and makes a great melody.

3)    Quality When one becomes an expert in jazz standards, it is a given that your quality of composition intensifies. Richer and interesting compositions can be composed of original music. It helps you in improvisation as jazz usually has a predictable musical rhythm. There is scope for more original ideas and authentic compositions. Learning is an on-going process, but you must start somewhere. The more tools you learn, the better your musical development will be, regardless of whether you want to be a jazz musician or a musician of any other known genre.

Today there are many people who want to learn live Jazz Singapore and want to make it as a successful musician, as learning to play jazz is an added bonus and will help you improve and improvise on your style. When talent and knowledge are combined, great musicians of our times can breakthrough.

History of Jazz Music in Singapore?


Jazz music in Singapore was believed to be the uniting factor between the different hierarchies of the society in the 1950’s. Though this genre of music was evident at this period, the inception of it in this country was found to have happened during the British rule. The merger of ‘western’ and ‘eastern’ music was evident. Jazz was a popular choice of music genre for various ‘tea-dance’ events held in clubs and restaurants which continued into the early hours the next morning.

Western classical music greatly influenced the Singaporeans during the colonial days. The wealthy class was known to encourage their children to learn western music, which resulted in producing some of the most talents jazz musicians of all times. Through the 50’s to late 90’s, Jazz clubs have commenced and been a great platform for resident jazz musicians to express their talents locally. As an added bonus to aspiring musicians, many British and American Jazz bands would perform in Singapore as a pit-stop before their tour to Australia and other parts of Asia. Great inspiration was drawn from musicians like Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Mary Lou Williams, Louis Armstrong to name a few.

As a collateral effect, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand also experienced this genre of music. Many have contributed to jazz with their own eastern musical background. This has resulted in many collaborations, band, and orchestras. Native as well as foreign jazz conductors and music enthusiasts have worked together and produced some of the most beautiful Jazz compositions in the modern era.

One such dynamic group of musicians was formed in 1994 by the name ‘The NUS Jazz Band’. They are jazz enthusiasts who conduct concerts in Singapore. One such person that leads this group is the very talented and accomplished Tan Chin Boo. He is a renowned conductor. Many dreams to be as highly skilled as Jeremy Monterio, he is a distinguished artist who has performed and won critical acclaims all over the world. They have actively encouraged and supported local talent in developing the skills and flourishing in the music industry domestically and internationally.

Today, this genre of music is such an integrated part of the citizens that one cannot fathom to think about a time when it did not exist. Orchestras have been conducted in appreciation of such delicate yet dance-along sort of music. The International Jazz Festival is an event conducted every year as jazz music has captivated the hearts of many. For more information do visit

There Is No Replacement for Live Music in a Wedding

Your wedding day is extremely special for you. In fact, it could be the most important day of your life. But, there is nothing more celebratory or ceremonial than playing dome live music on the occasion. It is a Do-It-Yourself and the digital world today. People are living it the way things work today. But do not ever be under the illusion that your friend who is a gadget freak and his music system us the best alternative to playing music on your wedding when your beloved and you walk down the aisle

What qualities a live band should essentially have?

There could be great bands that have received grants and prestigious awards and conducted tour all over the world but the real skill set will be how they make the best of opportunity to perform for all those people who want to hear them. The reputable professional band will also curate the finest dance party numbers so that your guests can tap their feet for the entire evening and can put on their dancing shoes.


A high caliber live band is equipped with the necessary flexibility to play almost all the genres. The audience wants to listen to. So, music could include anything from hip-hop, soul, pop, grunge, folk, punk, new wave, Motown, classic rock and indie rock.

In case you feel that hiring a DJ is a better option just because bands have limited capability, it is possible that you were trying to hire the wrong bands. You need to remember that more than 15 songs for every hour will not be required as far as the performance of the band goes. And any band that has a reasonable number of musicians should be able to play enough number of songs that you love as well as remember.

In case you feel that a particular genre or song is missing, the band can set breaks and then you can ask them to play those songs during your breaks. Thus, you can get all the songs you are looking for.

Ever since celebrations and music began, live music has become the embodiment of celebrating traditions. In fact starting from your parents to your friends is fond of live music.

You get only an opportunity of a lifetime to dance with your wife or husband for the first time after your marriage. So, do you think it is a good idea to play the same recorded music that is being aired on radio since last two decades or do you want to hire a good wedding live band in Singapore ?

Luggage tips for airport travel

Airport travel is a hectic affair which requires a lot steps and processes to be fulfilled in order to fly. One of the biggest contributors to delays is the security check and luggage checking. Depending on how large your luggage is, the time for checking increases. So when it comes to flying it is always best to pack smart and avoid the unnecessary delays at the checking counter. There are certain helpful tips that help you pack for your travels which we shall discuss in this article.

The carry-on luggage


This is the best way to travel light and with minimum delays at baggage checking. Depending on the trip, if it’s possible always try to travel with just the carry-on luggage. Usually most of the airlines let you take your carry-on into the cabin with you. This effectively reduces the unwanted confusion and delay in collecting luggage from the airport or the airplane. The shuttle service can also handle your luggage; shuttle to Melbourne airport helps you to even check in to the airports.

Contact information

The contact information on your luggage is very vital, as missing or mixing up bags is very common. So it is very important to tag your luggage inside and outside with your contact information so that in case you lose the luggage it can be brought back to you. It can also act as an identifying mark of your luggage in case it gets mixed with similar type of bags.

Unique design for your bag

This is another tip that can help you from losing or getting confused with your luggage. These days most of the travel bags look alike with same set of colors and models. So if you can customize the bags uniquely, it can help you spot your bags easily and not lose track of it. Most of the time the bags get mixed up in airports due to their similarity which can cost you time.

Buy a luggage scale

Investing in a luggage scale is a sound idea in order to save money on unwanted luggage charges from the airlines. The extra baggage charges of most airlines are near extortionate. The luggage sale can help you pack the bags according to the desired weight. It’s better this way than get a surprise at the airport while checking in. if the weight is close to the limit it is better wear the heavier clothes.