Indonesian Cuisine: What We Need to Know

One thing that each and every country has to be proud of is their own cuisine. Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia and they give us one of the most unique and ethnic cuisines ever. They have restaurants around the world which cater different Indonesian foods and if you ever spot one in your area, you should definitely try eating Indonesian food. If you are in doubt, then don’t worry because we are going to tell you more about Indonesian food below.

Bay Hotel is one of the few hotels in Singapore that exclusively cater Indonesian food. Located near the Harbourfront area, diners can be rewarded with Indonesian food cooked in a modern twist, along with a panoramic view of the south side of Singapore. Bay Hotel Halal Restaurant is one you should definitely look out if you want to taste Indonesian food in a comfortable setting.



Indonesia Travel Guide will give us the top ten Indonesian food that you must try. Let us read below.

Top 10 Indonesian Food You Must Eat

There is actually more to Indonesian food than Nasi Goreng. Yes, you heard me right. There is so much to Indonesian cuisine that giving you a Top 10 Must Eat is almost impossible, but we shall try.

Here is a list of best Indonesian food that you must eat when you are here, though by no means complete, we will try our best to keep it open and up for debate.

May the best food reign supreme!

Nasi Goreng – Literally means fried rice, it is actually the usual famous Southeast Asian style of stir-frying cooked rice, but with it’s very own Indonesian spices and mix

Rendang – Literally means dry curry, rendang is a really popular dish in Indonesia that is actually a dry beef stew. It is originated from Minangkabau (or also known as Padang) in West Sumatra. That is why it is either called Rendang Padang or Rendang Minangkabau. Rendang is basically meat, normally beef but sometimes liver, chicken, goat or other meats, would be cooked in coconut milk and spices until dry resulting in an intense concoction of taste and texture. It is one of the best food in the world, try it to believe it! Read more here.

There are ten Indonesian foods mentioned above. In the pictures, some look like normal food that we regularly eat, but actually there is a unique Indonesian touch to it, just like the chicken barbeque served with peanut sauce.  Kevin Ho will now tell us about the best nasi padang in Singapore.

Best nasi padang in Singapore: Our favourite Indonesian restaurants that serve this traditional Sumatra rice dish

Ayam goreng, sayur lodeh, asam pedas, sambal sotong, beef rendang, tahu goreng – you gotta be hungry after looking at all that, right?

Lunches and dinners are always more fun when you’re sharing them around the table – you’ve got zi char for Chinese, tapas for Spanish, and even banchan for Korean. But if you’re looking for an authentic Indonesian feast by way of Western Sumatra, nasi padang is what you need. Often with white rice as your base, plates are stacked with a medley of dishes – from the curry-drenched to the deep-fried – like beef rendang, ayam bakar (barbecued chicken), asam pedas (fish with asam sauce) and sayur lodeh (a vegetable curry with coconut milk). No one person’s preference for nasi padang is ever the same, which is why you can find a bunch of restaurants and stalls serving their own diverse renditions of the best nasi padang in Singapore. Here are our favourites. Read more here.

So if you are in for the traditional Sumatra rice dish, there are seven restaurants above that can serve you with it. The restaurants’ official website, address, and operating hours are already given above.

It is true that Indonesian food is really delicious, but not all countries have Indonesian restaurants for some reasons. George Embiricos will tell us what Indonesian cuisine is and why it hasn’t caught on in the U.S.

What Is Indonesian Cuisine And Why Hasn’t It Caught On In The U.S.?

Walk around just about any U.S. city and chances are you’ll stumble upon a decent number of Asian restaurants slinging variations of dishes from the continent’s many countries and vast array of influences. And it’s no longer just the inauthentic, Americanized takes on these cuisines — large chunks of sticky General Tso’s chicken and imitation crab-stuffed California rolls — that people have come to embrace. We clamor for reservations to sit at the counter of the latest omakase-only hot spots and wait in long lines during lunch breaks at our local bánh mì vendors. We re-create northern Thai specialties at home and take pride in knowing how they differ from their more recognizable southern counterparts. Sure, we’ll order in sweet and sour pork every now and then, but we’ve come a long way toward understanding the efforts that have been put into replicating some of these countries’ traditional dishes in our homeland. Read more here.

Each of us has a different style and preference when it comes to food. The reason why we can’t find Indonesian restaurants in the U.S. is because they a different food preference. They might not like it, but many other people from different places appreciate it. They have a variety of flavours which are all unique. We have provided you with some of the most appreciated Indonesian food and the best restaurants that serve traditional Indonesian food, so now you can already try them.