Reviews about Oxygen Facials that we have to Know

Reviews about Oxygen Facials that we have to Know

Beauty is one thing that is always maintained by some people. They see to it that their skin, especially their face, is always looking and feeling fresh. We have a lot of facial treatments to try and we would like to help you decide if this one treatment called oxygen facial could really be suitable for your skin. Below we have some reviews about oxygen facials from the ones who have already tried having it. We could also check out which can show us something about oxygen facials.

Jessie Ting

Centre for Beauty OxyReplenish Therapy Oxygen Facial Review

After being back from Hong Kong, my skin was seriously wrecked by the extremely hot and humid weather in Hong Kong. Just imagine being at Disneyland in the scotching sun for one entire day is bad enough. But for the sake of my son, seeing him happy so of course it is worth it. The sun has darken my skin tone and making it look very yellowish. My skin was also very dehydrated from the traveling. So I am in need of a facial treatment that can rescue my skin. Read more here.

The place that was reviewed by the author was the Centre for Beauty. She discussed about their OxyReplenish Therapy Oxygen Facial. She first discussed about the process and its benefits. According to her, the result is amazing. She showed us photos and you would see the difference between her before and after photos.



There is always so much talk about letting your skin breathe and recently, I tried out a skin treatment which achieves just that. It is also one of Hollywood’s beauty secrets. This treatment is none other than the Pure Oxygen Infusion Facial. As it was so hydrating an relaxing, I just can’t wait to share it with all of you. I visited the SkinPerfect branch at Liat Towers (5 mins walk from Orchard MRT Station) to try out this treatment. Read more here.

Now, the facial spa that was reviewed by the author is Skin Perfect. She told us where the other branches are located including the awards they have received. After that, she already explained the process done. Then according to her the result was that her dark eye circle is less apparent and her face is much lifted too. Great!

Centre for Cosmetic

Triple Oxygen Infusion Facial

An anti-aging skin treatment that refills our cells with much-needed oxygen and hydration, plumping up dehydrated cells and smoothening fine lines and wrinkles. Pure oxygen is infused at a high pressure deep into the dermis level of the skin, replenishing cells with O2 and nourishing cells with Skin Regeneration Factors (Argeneline, Peptides, and Arbutin). Read more here.

Now, what we have read above is all about the triple oxygen infusion facial by Centre for Cosmetic. The process was also explained including some pictures to give you an idea on how it is done. The before and after picture of the results were also shown and we can see that it really has a tremendous effect on your skin. All the reviews we have seen above just proves what oxygen facials can really do to your skin. So it would now be easier for you to decide whether to avail of it or not.

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