Budget Hotels vs. Luxury Suites – Why Pay More?


When going planning a trip aboard no doubt one of the main things that come to our mind would be how to save costs and manage our budget. To scrimp on accommodation and have more visiting options available? Or to go for luxury accommodations but end up eating into more budget meant for traveling and visiting? There are many things to consider be it staying in a 4-star luxury hotel or a budget hotel or airbnb. Is the cost savings from staying in a budget hotel worth the discomfort that you will experience?

The following article post originally appeared on suiteness.com ‘s blog  and was written by Divya Mulanjur

There are no two ways about it – everyone loves a good bargain. When your vacation is coming up fast and you’re searching online for a hotel, nothing beats the feeling of stumbling upon budget hotels that offer great deals. Who doesn’t love finding a room for $50 a night or a hotel that promises one night free? But if there’s a little voice inside your head that’s telling you to be wary of deals that seem too good to be true, listen to it. The sad truth is that most budget hotels that list rooms at unbeatable prices can only afford to do so because they are skimping on quality in some way. Whether that means hiring untrained people to man the front desk or instructing maids not to replace towels regularly, it’s a safe bet that your bargain hotel will be, well, much less than you bargained for.

Nevertheless, it can still be tempting to take a risk and book that budget hotel room. As long as the bed is free of bed bugs and the shower works, you’re good, right? After all, vacations are for hitting the town, not staying cooped up in your hotel room, right? Wrong.

In reality, a hotel room can make or break your vacation, and choosing the right one is almost as important as choosing the right destination.

Low cost at a Price

Although it might look nice to see that low, low number on your credit card statement – be warned: there are all sorts of hidden costs associated with booking a budget hotel room. It’s likely that many of them will never show up on your bill, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t pay for them in some way.

For example, bargain hotel rooms are much more likely to harbor all kinds of problems that only become obvious once you’ve checked in and unpacked.  We’re talking faulty plumbing, malfunctioning heaters and air conditioners, compromised door security, pest infestations, and even missing essential items like coffee makers, microwaves, and shampoo. And these are just the things you’ll notice. Booking a budget room also risks exposing yourself to a room that may not have been properly cleaned in between guests. Unless you can be fully confident that your hotel’s standards of cleanliness matches yours, you will be sacrificing your peace of mind for the duration of your stay. Chances are that it’s not worth it, no matter how cheap the room.

The Service Problem

In the likely event that you do notice something amiss with your room, it’s highly possible that getting it fixed won’t be easy. Budget hotels are notoriously unresponsive – even contacting the right person could be difficult. But even if you do manage to reach the correct person or department, there’s a chance that you won’t find them particularly accommodating. Since their base rates are so cheap, bargain hotels often can’t afford to spend the money to fix their mistakes. Whether you require an after-hours plumber or a replacement ice bucket, expect a struggle at every stage of the process. If you’re really unlucky, the hotel might find some way to leave you with the bill, and the last thing anyone wants is to find themselves arguing late at night with a stubborn hotel concierge about who should cover the cost. Hint: they should, but it might not work out that way.

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