What We Need To Know About Luxury Hotels

One of the things that we should consider when going on a vacation is the place where you would be staying or sleeping for the night. It is an important thing to decide on because it is also where you would be taking a bath, resting, dining, and a lot more. Hotels are one of the travellers’ choices and there are different kinds of hotels. There are luxury hotels and some people prefer them for some reasons.

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Next, KATIE AMEY will tell us in her article what really makes a five-star hotel. Let us read below.

Afternoon tea, valet parking and 24-hour room service: What REALLY makes a five-star hotel?

Hotel star rating systems are widely recognised as the definitive way to ascertain a hotel’s overall quality, but the rankings can differ wildly from one country to another.

As it turns out, each country usually has its own way to rank hotels from one to five stars, established by a range of authorities, from tourism bodies to government agencies.

But while there’s no international standard that hotels across the world adhere to, stars do pIn the UK, for example, star ratings place a heavy emphasis on customer service, whereas in France, the ratings focus more on rooms, lobbies and amenities and are enforced by the French Government. 

Four groups combined in 2007 to create a unified ranking system for Great Britain: the Automobile Association, VisitBritain, VisitScotland and VisitWales. Read more here.

Different countries have different meanings and standards when it comes to hotel star ratings. But discussed above are the general things to expect from the different star ratings. There is nothing wrong with staying in a luxury hotel especially if you afford it. Next up, Hilary Stockton will share to us top 10 reasons to stay in a luxury hotel.

Top 10 reasons to stay in a luxury hotel over Airbnb

A luxury hotel is a better choice for a true luxury traveler than Airbnb or the myriad of apartment rental services. While budget travelers are often well served by rentals, which are usually cheaper than mid-range hotels, there are a number of advantages that luxury hotels offer compared to rentals.

  1. Better value

If you’re a luxury traveler, attention to detail counts — the kind of detail that is often missing with even higher end properties on Airbnb and apartment rentals. For example, a personalized welcome amenity for you, and perhaps a cute plush animal or special pastry treat for your child; Champagne if you’re celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary or a cake for your birthday; plush bathrobes and slippers; reservations at hard to get restaurants via the Concierge; twice daily housekeeping; an in-room Nespresso machine for your first coffee of the day; the list goes on. Read more here.

There are really a lot of good reasons on why we should choose to stay in a luxury hotel when travelling. It is true that you will have a better and extraordinary experience because you don’t get to stay in luxury hotels on a normal day. Now, let us read about an experience and opinion of a person on why he only chooses to stay at a five-star hotel. Neil Patel will tell us.

Why I Only Stay at 5-Star Hotels

As some of you may know, I chose to become a homeless entrepreneur. But, obviously, I have to stay somewhere.

So where do I stay? I stay at 4- and 5-star hotels almost exclusively.

I’m generally a pretty frugal person. I save money in certain areas. I watch every penny I spend. I believe that it’s easier to save money than to make it. But I’ve learned that it’s helpful for me to spend a lot of money in these three areas:

  • I travel a lot, and spend more than $180,000 a year on airfare. I usually fly business class.
  • I spend nearly $10,000 on food each month, because I choose to pay for meals for other people.
  • I will explain why. Read more here.

So basically, his reason involves business. But it is true that staying in five—star hotels can give you a bigger chance of meeting big business personnel who could be your potential partners. Staying at luxury hotels could really give the best accommodation experience that you could ever wish for. It would definitely complete your vacation and travel experience. Luxury hotels could be expensive, but as long as you can, don’t deprive yourself from it.